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德奥普洞见(DAP Insights)

低空经济与电动垂直起降飞行器(electric Vertical Take-off and Landing, eVTOL)领域为企业和投资者提供了巨大的商业机会。但在这个新兴市场中专业且实事求是的真知灼见少之又少,每天都有新的问题出现。企业在投入大笔资金之前需要得到可靠的答案,并决定在哪里竞争以及如何竞争胜出,这就是德奥普洞见(DAP Insights)的用武之地。很多企业正转向德奥普洞见(DAP Insights)寻求答案、解决方案和新想法,这些对他们的商业成功做出了重要贡献。


The Low-altitude Economy and eVTOL(electric Vertical Take-off and Landing) landscape presents corporations and investors with massive business opportunities. But intelligence bases on the expertise and truth in this emerging market is scarce, every day brings new questions. Companies need solid answers before committing that large chunk of capital, and deciding where to compete and how to win the competition, that is where DAP Insights comes in. Companies are turning to DAP Insights for answers, solutions and fresh ideas, which give a big contribution to their business success.

The topics we focus: Business Strategy Planning, Investment Due Diligence, Financial Solutions, eVTOL Design Engineering, eVTOL Airworthiness Certification, eVTOL Supply Chains, eVTOL Operation, Vertiport Planning etc.



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