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Special Mission Aircraft Expertise


DAP team have more than 15 years Special Mission Aircraft (SMA) expertise, especially in Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) and Flight Inspection Aircraft. Diversity requirements, diversity solutions. We recognize that each customer has individual requirements and our objective is to provide an efficient and cost effective solution tailored to their specific needs. 



  • To generate Special Mission Aircraft Customized Proposal
  • To get Special Mission Aircraft STC/VSTC from CAAC
  • To find a good Special Mission Aircraft Provider
  • To find a good Special Mission Aircraft Operator
  • To find a good Special Mission Aircraft Customer



  • Offshore Air Patrol;
  • Long Range Open Ocean Patrol;
  • Search and Rescue;
  • Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) Protection;
  • Border Patrol and Fishery Patrol;
  • Maritime Pollution Monitoring;
  • Airborne Oil Spill Monitoring;
  • Airborne Maritime Surveillance;
  • Airborne Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing;
  • Flight Inspection.