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德奥普代表与罗兰贝格咨询公司全球合伙人、中国区副总裁Jeff Yu学习交流

2022年2月15日,德奥普代表与罗兰贝格咨询公司全球合伙人、中国区副总裁Jeff Yu(于占福)学习交流城市空中交通(UAM)话题。Jeff是民航智库19位专家之一,多年来为民航发展建言献策。期待与罗兰贝格在航空领域的进一步合作。




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Roland Berger is the only management consultancy of European heritage with a strong international footprint. As an independent firm, solely owned by our partners, we operate 50 offices in all major markets. Our 2,400 employees offer a unique combination of an analytical approach and an empathic attitude. Driven by our values of entrepreneurship, excellence and empathy, we at Roland Berger are convinced that the world needs a new sustainable paradigm that takes the entire value cycle into account. Working in cross-competence teams across all relevant industries and business functions, we provide the best expertise to meet the profound challenges of today and tomorrow.

Roland Berger Urban Air Mobility (UAM)

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